About us

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Since the start of 2008, we at Smile Colour Printing have been working to provide our clients with printed products of the highest quality. Although we are based in Belfast, we are far from the typical high street print shop, and have provided various printing solutions for clients from Cork to Glasgow and London to Monaco.

As a customer ourselves in times past, we’ve already heard what must be every excuse covering bad design, bad spelling, broken promises, poor lead times and the like. As a result, we have built what we believe to be the best and simplest solution that overcomes all these (and more) issues. After establishing exactly what it is you require in your printed material via a phone call, we will design, print and package your printed products for you and send them direct to your door, making the whole process extremely easy for you.

What’s more, as we’re an online design and print company rather than a shop, we are able to offer extremely competitive prices for a wide range of products, from contact cards to booklets.

How we began

Having spent many years buying print and advertising products, our team developed several local promotional products that overcame the problems we identified with business promotion using the established media. 

With satisfied customers entrusting more and more work to us, and with the help of our extensive contact list within the print industry, Smile Colour Printing was born.

Where we are now

Today, through strategic alliances with quite possibly the best print facilities in the UK, we are able to offer local, national and international customers a professional and stress-free experience through our 24/7 online ordering system.

The biggest spin off for you? Price! By building an efficient online printing solutions system we massively reduce overheads, so YOU aren't penalised by having to pay for OUR overhead inefficiencies.

Contact us

For more information and to enquire about delivery, just give us a ring on 0800 6127 277 today. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have.